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Quantum Information & Intelligent Energy Harvesting Lab

A group of people in SUSTech Physics. We are developing theoretical physics ideas, often together with experiments. Read More

Oscar Dahlsten

  • Oscar is an associate professor in the department of physics at SUSTech. He earned his master and PhD from the Imperial College London and then worked at ETH Zurich, NUS Singapore and Oxford University. Focusing on the role of information in statistical mechanics and the foundations of quantum theory, Oscar is one of the pioneers of the nascent single-shot approach to statistical mechanics. He is a Young 1000 Talents awardee. He is a proud father of three boys.

Other Members



With a Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Melbourne, several publications and patents, we are very lucky that while she is (still) deciding whether to pursue a PhD she is helping us navigate the Chinese research landscape and organising the group. In her spare times she spends most of the time cuddling her puppy Issa.  



Feiyang graduated from Shandong University with B. E. in optical Information Science, School of Information Science and Technology. Won national prizes om electronic design, optoelectronic design and a provincial prize in mathematical modeling.Expertise in quantum cryptography. In his spare time he enjoys programming, bring his Cherry keyboard everywhere he goes, as well as table tennis.



Ali has 2 masters degrees, one from Durham University (Theoretical Physics, Particles, Strings, and Cosmology) and one from Lebanese University (Algebra and Graph Theory). He is captivated by black holes and quantum information and his project involves a collaboration with Prof Modesto’s group on quantum gravity. He loves hiking, reading, playing the guitar and other instruments.



Recently graduated from the University of Queensland with a masters degree in Physics, Yidong is investigating the field of Quantum Machine Learning, focusing on the architecture of Quantum Neural Network and its realisation on near-term Quantum Computer. Classically trained in piano, Yidong is also a decent composer who performed his own composition in an Australian Day concert in Brisbane.



Tian is a current PhD student at Department of Physics, University of Oxford, supervised by Prof. Vlatko Vedral. Before that, she gained her Bachelor Degree of Science at Yuanpei College, Peking University with full physics courses and half math courses. She is interested in quantum information in spacetime and quantum gravity. She loves photography, baking, Guqin, calligraphy, flower arrangement, running, taekwendo and psychoanalysis and dreams to open a lovely tea house one day.




Alex is in-between his undergraduates at Harvard and PhD at NTU. He has published on holographic software for quantum networks among other things. He is a sport fanatic, loving America football, weight-lifting and track and field training.