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Quantum Information & Intelligent Energy Harvesting Lab

A group of people in SUSTech Physics. We are developing theoretical physics ideas, often together with experiments. Read More

Ongoing Research Projects

Energy Harvesting

There is ample energy all around us, but its apparent randomness makes it hard to extract. Therefore we develop methods, e.g. using artificial intelligence, nano and quantum science, to exploit the patterns, so that we can extract the energy. Read More

Quantum Machine Learning

Machine learning has proven highly powerful for classical computing, but can it do the same for quantum computers? We are probing this. Read More

Black Hole Thermodynamics

Black holes stretch modern physics to its limit, suggesting paradoxes and the need for new theories. In this new project we are using our expertise on quantum entropies to clarify the arguments. Read More

Foundations of Quantum Theory and Quantum Computation

Quantum theory is extremely successful but remains perplexing. What happens in-between the measurements? What is the reason for the ostensible quantum computing speed-up? We are investigating these questions. Read More